Principal Residency

Professional Residency Network

Reflective - Practitioners

Moral Courage


Social Justice


How Can Mentors Help?
• Provide a support system
• Support opportunities for interns to lead the school in all aspects
• Allow intern to take risks in a safe environment
• Provide a guide into a new world
• Help intern make sense of events and people

What is a Mentor?
• A mentor must be ethical
• A mentor must be an advocate for children over all else
• A mentor should be a resolute voice of the underprivileged
• A mentor must create time and a clear space to talk freely without fear
• A mentor must model reflection and other positive leadership traits

A Mentor's Responsibility is:
• To give of their intellect, heart and soul each and every day
• To follow the Sequence of Seven – patience, acceptance; understanding; compassion, cooperation; kindness and love
• To write a mid-course narrative and final letter of recommendation

The Co-Directors need to hear quickly and professionally if an impasse is ever encountered. This rarely if ever happens but our agreement states that you will let us know. This is our expectation. The standard is a true impasse, not day-to-day issues that work their way into many high-stress environments. But, you have been chosen to be in the program because you are believed to have high standards and run a good school and therefore we expect you to deftly handle these if they should arise.