Principal Residency





Model lll: New England College and Principal Residency Network (PRN)
Partnership - 1 year Program with a year long Internship & Summer Residency

The low-residency model consist a of 42 credits for an MED or 44 credits for a CAGS taken over one year (see course requirements below). There are five terms of online coursework in which students participate throughout the year and a Summer Residency during July/August.

The Program is designed for students to spend 1 year interning under the mentorship of a certified school principal.

Program Requirements
Courses for the Master of Education: School Principal
(42 credits or 45 credits Maine)
*The Psychology of Learning Communities (4cr)
*Research Practicum l (2cr)
*Research Practicum ll (2cr)
* Dynamics of Educational Reform (4cr)
*Fundamentals of Educational Inquire : Action Research l (2cr)
*Fundamentals of Educational Inquire : Action Research ll (2cr)
*Portfolios l - lV (1cr each)
*School Leadership (3cr)
*School Finance and Policy (3cr)
*Supervision of Curriculum and Instructions (3cr)
*Educational Leadership and Critical Issues (3cr)
* School Law (3cr)
*Education Technology Leadership (2cr)
*Supervision of Personnel (required for those seeking certification in Maine (3cr)
*Principal Internship (3cr)
Requirements for the Certificated of Advanced Graduate Study
(44 credits or 47 credits Maine)

Note: Those who already have a Masters in Education or Educational Leadership may be able to transfer in courses to fulfill some of the requirements.

The school Leadership candidates in principal certification must meet the ISLLC standards
for principals.

Those seeking certification as a principal must (1) have completed at least 5 years experience as an educator: (2) have one of the following: a. Completed a master's program in educational leadership or a related area approved by the state board of education and been recommended for this certification by the designated official of the preparing collegiated department of education; or b. completed a master's program in education, and demonstrated: 1. competencies, skills and knowledge itemized in 506.04
(http://www.gencourt.state, though course work; or
2. Experience in comparable educational leadership positions in educations or other professions as specified in ED 505.03; and (3) complete 460 hours of an internship under the guidance and supervision of a principal with current, valid licensure.

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